CMGP formally obtained the RSE official recognition of the CGEM, joining 80 businesses labeled with this certification in Morocco.

This certification solemnly recognizes that CMGP respects and will continue to improve its commitment to defend and promote the principles of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development in its activities.

This engagement towards social responsibility is structured around the following focuses:

  1. Respecting human rights ;
  2. Constantly working on the improvement of the work environment, and professional relationships ;
  3. Protecting the environment ;
  4. Preventing corruption ;
  5. Respecting the laws of healthy competition ;
  6. The reinforcement of transparency of the governance of the enterprise ;
  7. Respecting clients and consumers wellbeing and interests ;
  8. Promoting social responsibility of suppliers and subcontractors ;
  9. The development of societal responsibility.

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